Little Finesse Grubs LFGF6 BLACK/BLUE TAIL
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Little Finesse Grubs

These are 2 3/4" long. These are soft plastic grubs with excellent tail action. Use to catch Crappie, Perch, Smallmouth Bass and Spotted (Kentucky Bass). There are 15 per pack. Recommend using 4 or 6 pound line. The lure can be rigged with light weight heads for open hook, or by using the crappie slider head for a weedless presentation. Also, a bare hook can be used with just a BB split shot place about 10" up the line. The lure has a slight wave or swimming action as it comes through the water along with an excellent vibra tail action. Pinch off the head and using the body only makes an excellent lure also. 



  • Item #: LFGF6
  • Manufacturer: Slider
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: LFGF6

Little Finesse Grubs LFGF6 BLACK/BLUE TAIL

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