Spin Jig Baby Bass/Chartreuse Tail SSJF318
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Slider Spin Jig

1/16oz head/hook, with 1 1/2" Slider Grub and over head spinner offered in many colors. Overall weight about 1/8oz. The lure has two actions, a soft plastic tail that wiggles and the over head blade that spins.  Great lure for Crappie, Bass, Blue Gill, Perch, and other PanFish.  The lure is offered in many colors.   Fun & Easy to Use....


Good Fishing!

  Slider co.


*NOTE:   Can Make Slider SPIN JIG with any color 1 1/2" CSG Grub..CALL US

  • Item #: SSJF318
  • Manufacturer: Charlie Brewer
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: SSJF318

Spin Jig Baby Bass/Chartreuse Tail SSJF318

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