3" Double Action Grub Smoke/Silver Glitter DBGG7
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Charlie Brewer Slider Company: Double Action Grub a little over 3" long. This grub has a vibra-tail action like our other grubs but also has a wave action on the whole back tail section due to this unique design.******WAVE & WIGGLE******Great for Bass, Stripe, Walleye, Big Crappie, and many salt water species; Red Fish and speckled trout. Many good size smallmouth bass have been caught on this lure. Many salt water species also caught using this grub. There are 10 grubs per bag.  Also, a smaller 2 1/8" Double Action Grub/Minnow available in many colors.


  • Item #: DBGG7
  • Manufacturer: Slider
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DBGG7

3" Double Action Grub Smoke/Silver Glitter DBGG7

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